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Barry Karen Personal Account Manager Karen.Barry@southgroup.net 662-349-2021 Southaven, MS Profile
Berry MeLisa Account Manager MeLisa.Berry@southgroup.net 601-849-4310 Magee, MS Profile
Bigbie Ellen Commercial Account Manager Ellen.Bigbie@southgroup.net 601-649-4062 Laurel, MS Profile
Bobo Bob Producer Bob.Bobo@southgroup.net 662-624-6571 Clarksdale, MS Profile
Waldrup Madison Personal Account Manager madison.waldrup@southgroup.net 601-544-2122 Hattiesburg, MS Profile
Bond Rosezette Accounting Associate rosezette.bond@southgroup.net 601-914-3220 Ridgeland, MS Profile
Bowman Lucretia Managing Principal lucretia.bowman@southgroup.net 601-736-4537 Columbia, MS Profile
Boykin Brett President, SouthGroup Cleveland Brett.Boykin@southgroup.net 662-843-2747 Cleveland, MS Profile
Breakfield Eddie Ray Producer EddieRay.Breakfield@southgroup.net 601-545-1643 Hattiesburg 2, MS Profile
Brown Jimmy Producer jimmy.brown@southgroup.net 601-267-0065 Carthage, MS Profile
Brown Karen Administrative Assistant karen.brown@southgroup.net 662-349-2021 Southaven, MS Profile
Browning Bud Office Manager Bud.Browning@southgroup.net 601-545-1643 Hattiesburg 2, MS Profile
Carraway Lacy Personal Account Manager Lacy.Carraway@southgroup.net 662-624-6571 Clarksdale, MS Profile
Carvan Andrea Commercial Account Manager Andrea.Carvan@southgroup.net 662-843-2747 Cleveland, MS Profile
Chisholm Kay Account Manager Kay.Chisholm@southgroup.net 601-764-2231 Bay Springs, MS Profile
Cox Aubry Managing Principal aubry.cox@southgroup.net 601-267-0065 Carthage, MS Profile
Crews Gary Producer Gary.Crews@southgroup.net 662-378-5200 Greenville, MS Profile
Culpepper Robin Administrative Assistant robin.culpepper@southgroup.net 601-649-4062 Laurel, MS Profile
Daves Vicki Commercial Account Manager Vicki.Daves@southgroup.net 662-453-5631 Greenwood, MS Profile
Dillard Rachael Commercial Account Manager Rachael.Dillard@southgroup.net 601-544-2122 Hattiesburg, MS Profile
Dillon Deveda Account Manager Deveda.Dillon@southgroup.net 662-453-7441 Greenwood 2, MS Profile
Dixon Mollie Commercial Account Manager Mollie.Dixon@southgroup.net 662-624-6571 Clarksdale, MS Profile
Dunn Tonya Personal Account Manager tonya.dunn@southgroup.net 662-378-5200 Greenville, MS Profile
Eagle Brittany Account Manager brittany.eagle@southgroup.net 228-385-1177 Biloxi, MS Profile
Easley Roger Producer Roger.Easley@southgroup.net 662-843-2747 Cleveland, MS Profile
Edmiston Sarah Commercial Account Manager Sarah.Edmiston@southgroup.net 662-349-2021 Southaven, MS Profile
Edmiston III Richard Producer richard.edmiston@southgroup.net 662-349-2021 Southaven, MS Profile
Edmonds Stephanie Commercial Account Manager Stephanie.Edmonds@southgroup.net 662-378-5200 Greenville, MS Profile
Edwards Brenda Commercial Account Manager Brenda.Edwards@southgroup.net 601-545-1643 Hattiesburg 2, MS Profile
Estes Brandon Personal Account Manager brandon.estes@southgroup.net 601-267-0065 Carthage, MS Profile
Ford Jim President, SouthGroup Hattiesburg II Jim.Ford@southgroup.net 601-545-1643 Hattiesburg 2, MS Profile
Fuller LaWanda Producer lawanda.fuller@southgroup.net 601-736-4537 Columbia, MS Profile
Gaddy Reeves Producer reeves.gaddy@southgroup.net 662-843-2747 Cleveland, MS Profile
Galey Glenn Producer Glenn.Galey@southgroup.net 601-544-2122 Hattiesburg, MS Profile
Galey Roman President, SouthGroup Hattiesburg I Roman.Galey@southgroup.net 601-544-2122 Hattiesburg, MS Profile
Gammill Lisa Commercial Account Manager Lisa.Gammill@southgroup.net 662-453-5631 Greenwood, MS Profile
Garfield Tammy Commercial Account Manager Tammy.Garfield@southgroup.net 228-466-4498 Bay St Louis, MS Profile
Geoghegan Renee Commercial Account Manager renee.geoghegan@southgroup.net 662-746-2651 Hattiesburg , MS Profile
Gibson Charlie Producer charlie.gibson@southgroup.net 601-914-3220 Ridgeland, MS Profile
Gillam Anne Commercial Account Manager Anne.Gillam@southgroup.net 228-385-1177 Biloxi, MS Profile
Gossett Chris Producer Chris.Gossett@southgroup.net 601-914-3220 Ridgeland, MS Profile
Graves Serita Commercial Account Manager Serita.Graves@southgroup.net 601-765-4466 Collins, MS Profile
Guess Ginger Commercial Account Manager ginger.guess@southgroup.net 601-925-2200 Clinton, MS Profile
Hall Ann Commercial Marketing Manager Ann.Hall@southgroup.net 601-649-4062 Laurel, MS Profile
Hanna Tamara Commercial Account Manager Tamara.Hanna@southgroup.net 601-545-1643 Hattiesburg 2, MS Profile
Hinkle Bubba President, SouthGroup Greenville John.Hinkle@southgroup.net 662-378-5200 Greenville, MS Profile
Hitt Oliver Producer Oliver.Hitt@southgroup.net 601-765-4466 Collins, MS Profile
Hogue Tammy Personal Account Manager Tammy.Hogue@southgroup.net 228-466-4498 Bay St Louis, MS Profile
Holder John Managing Principal john.holder@southgroup.net 601-925-2200 Clinton, MS Profile
Hunt Davy President, SouthGroup DeSoto davy.hunt@southgroup.net 662-349-2021 Southaven, MS Profile
Jantz Megan Personal Account Manager Megan.Jantz@southgroup.net 662-624-6571 Clarksdale, MS Profile
Johnson Franklin Producer franklin.johnson@southgroup.net 662-624-6571 Clarksdale, MS Profile
Johnson, III Shaw President, SouthGroup Clarksdale Shaw.JohnsonIII@southgroup.net 662-624-6571 Clarksdale, MS Profile
Kelley Danita Commercial Account Manager danita.kelley@southgroup.net 662-349-2021 Southaven, MS Profile
Kent Brad President, SouthGroup Laurel Brad.Kent@southgroup.net 601-649-4062 Laurel, MS Profile
Lee Joe Producer Joe.Lee@southgroup.net 601-849-4310 Magee, MS Profile
Lindsey Tiffany Personal Account Manager Tiffany.Lindsey@southgroup.net 662-843-2747 Cleveland, MS Profile
Maddox Katiebeth Commercial Account Manager kathryn.maddox@southgroup.net 662-378-5200 Greenville, MS Profile
Malone Dollinda Personal Account Manager Dollinda.Malone@southgroup.net 662-453-5631 Greenwood, MS Profile
Manata Lawana Commercial Account Manager Lawana.Manata@southgroup.net 601-545-1643 Hattiesburg 2, MS Profile
Martin Russell Producer Russell.Martin@southgroup.net 662-453-5631 Greenwood, MS Profile
Mayhan Victoria Personal Account Manager victoria.mayhan@southgroup.net 662-843-2747 Cleveland, MS Profile
McKenzie Angie Administrative Assistant angie.mckenzie@southgroup.net 601-736-4537 Columbia, MS Profile
McMurry Laura Personal Account Manager laura.mcmurry@southgroup.net 601-545-1643 Hattiesburg 2, MS Profile
McNease Ashley Personal Account Manager Ashley.McNease@southgroup.net 601-765-4466 Collins, MS Profile
McRaney Kasey Administrative Assistant kasey.mcraney@southgroup.net 601-765-4466 Collins, MS Profile
Melton Stephanie Commercial Account Manager Stephanie.Melton@southgroup.net 662-843-2747 Cleveland, MS Profile
Mitchell Ned Producer Ned.Mitchell@southgroup.net 662-843-2747 Cleveland, MS Profile
Montgomery Lem Managing Principal lem.montgomery@southgroup.net 601-437-8826 Port Gibson, MS Profile
Moore Connie Personal Account Manager Connie.Moore@southgroup.net 601-544-2122 Hattiesburg, MS Profile
Dunn Melissa Commercial Account Manager Melissa.Dunn@southgroup.net 228-466-4498 Bay St Louis, MS Profile
Morgan Jim Producer Jim.Morgan@southgroup.net 601-545-1643 Hattiesburg 2, MS Profile
Morris Deanna Personal Account Manager deanna.morris@southgroup.net 601-267-0065 Carthage, MS Profile
Moss Susan Commercial Account Manager Susan.Moss@southgroup.net 601-545-1643 Hattiesburg 2, MS Profile
Murphy Emily Commercial Account Manager emily.murphy@southgroup.net 601-544-2122 Hattiesburg, MS Profile
Newquist Jimmy Vice-President Commercial Insurance Jimmy.Newquist@southgroup.net 601-914-3220 Ridgeland, MS Profile
Parker James Producer jamie.parker@southgroup.net 601-267-0065 Carthage, MS Profile
Patterson, Jr. Bob Producer Bob.Patterson@southgroup.net 662-453-5631 Greenwood, MS Profile
Perdue Kelly Personal Account Manager Kelly.Perdue@southgroup.net 601-649-4062 Laurel, MS Profile
Pickens Angie Commercial Account Manager angie.pickens@southgroup.net 601-267-0065 Carthage, MS Profile
Rios Jennifer Personal Account Manager Jennifer.Rios@southgroup.net 662-624-6571 Clarksdale, MS Profile
Roberts Michelle Personal Account Manager michelle.roberts@southgroup.net 601-849-4310 Magee, MS Profile
Robinson Shannon Todd Personal Account Manager shannon.robinson@southgroup.net 601-545-1643 Hattiesburg 2, MS Profile
Scardino Michael Assistant 228-466-4498 Bay St Louis, MS Profile
Schuler Nicole Agency Marketing Specialist nicole.schuler@southgroup.net 601-914-3220 Ridgeland, MS Profile
Scott Angie Accounting Associate Angie.Scott@southgroup.net 601-914-3220 Ridgeland, MS Profile
Seidenburg Evelyn Assistant Evelyn.Seidenburg@southgroup.net 601-649-4062 Laurel, MS Profile
Sims Ericka Personal Account Manager ericka.sims@southgroup.net 601-267-0065 Carthage, MS Profile
Sims Rodney Producer Rodney.Sims@southgroup.net 601-649-4062 Laurel, MS Profile
Singleton Mark Producer Mark.Singleton@southgroup.net 662-453-7441 Greenwood 2, MS Profile
Slawson Candace Chief Financial Officer candace.slawson@southgroup.net 601-914-3220 Ridgeland, MS Profile
Smith Vicki Commercial Account Manager vicki.smith@southgroup.net 601-925-2200 Clinton, MS Profile
Smith Adam Producer adam.smith@southgroup.net 601-914-3220 Ridgeland, MS Profile
Smith Peyton Producer peyton.smith@southgroup.net 601-914-3220 Ridgeland, MS Profile
Snuggs Renee Commercial Account Manager renee.snuggs@southgroup.net 601-267-0065 Carthage, MS Profile
Strickland Mark Producer mark.strickland@southgroup.net 228-466-4498 Bay St Louis, MS Profile
Stringer Stacey Producer stacey.stringer@southgroup.net 601-736-4537 Columbia, MS Profile
Stringer Diana Accounting Associate diana.stringer@southgroup.net 601-914-3220 Ridgeland, MS Profile
Tarsi Kim Commercial Account Manager Kim.Tarsi@southgroup.net 662-843-2747 Cleveland, MS Profile
Taylor Billy Producer Billy.Taylor@southgroup.net 601-649-4062 Laurel, MS Profile
Thames Neill Producer Neill.Thames@southgroup.net 601-649-4062 Laurel, MS Profile
Thames Tommy Producer Tommy.Thames@southgroup.net 601-649-4062 Laurel, MS Profile
Tindall Haley Account Manager haley.tindall@southgroup.net 662-453-7441 Greenwood 2, MS Profile
Todd Ben Producer ben.todd@southgroup.net 601-925-2200 Clinton, MS Profile
Todd Tom Producer tom.todd@southgroup.net 601-925-2200 Clinton, MS Profile
Tory Johnnie Account Manager johnnie.tory@southgroup.net 601-437-8826 Port Gibson, MS Profile
Treutel Alex Account Manager Alex.Treutel@southgroup.net 228-466-4498 Bay St Louis, MS Profile
Tubertini Ronnie President Ronnie.Tubertini@southgroup.net 601-914-3220 Ridgeland, MS Profile
Tullos Cyndi Chief Executive Officer Cyndi.Tullos@southgroup.net 601-914-3220 Ridgeland, MS Profile
Lewis Tom Producer tom.lewis@southgroup.net 601-657-8016 Liberty, MS Profile
Valentine Bubba Producer Bubba.Valentine@southgroup.net 601-649-4062 Laurel, MS Profile
Walker Josh Commercial Account Manager Josh.Walker@southgroup.net 601-544-2122 Hattiesburg, MS Profile
Walley Deborah Commercial Account Manager Deborah.Walley@southgroup.net 601-545-1643 Hattiesburg 2, MS Profile
Warren Laura Commercial Account Manager Laura.Warren@southgroup.net 601-545-1643 Hattiesburg 2, MS Profile
White Buddy Producer Buddy.White@southgroup.net 662-453-7441 Greenwood 2, MS Profile
Williams Lynn Personal Account Manager lynn.williams@southgroup.net 601-914-3220 Ridgeland, MS Profile
Wilson Brittany Personal Account Manager Brittany.Wilson@southgroup.net 662-378-5200 Greenville, MS Profile
Wimbley Helen Accounting Associate Helen.Wimbley@southgroup.net 601-914-3220 Ridgeland, MS Profile
Zeringue Angelyn President, SouthGroup Gulf Coast Angelyn.Treutel@southgroup.net 228-466-4498 Bay St Louis, MS 39531 Profile
Jones Amy Commercial Account Manager amy.jones@southgroup.net 601-657-8016 Liberty, MS Profile
Lewis Matt Producer matt.lewis@southgroup.net 601-657-8016 Liberty, MS Profile
Wilkinson Heather Personal Account Manager heather.wilkinson@southgroup.net 601-657-8016 Liberty, MS Profile
Moore Sharon Client Services Manager Sharon.Moore@southgroup.net 601-326-3663 Ridgeland, MS Profile
Mobley Dennis Employee Benefits Consultant Dennis.Mobley@southgroup.net 601-898-3066 Ridgeland, MS Profile
Williams Ashley Employee Benefits Account Executive Ashley.Williams@southgroup.net 601-326-3664 Ridgeland, MS Profile
Hageman Rose Administrative Assistant Rose.Hageman@southgroup.net 601-914-3220 Ridgeland, MS Profile
Bills Keith Managing Principal Keith.Bills@southgroup.net 662-226-1234 Grenada, MS Profile
Bills Robert Producer Robert.Bills@southgroup.net 662-226-1234 Grenada, MS Profile
Windham Deborah Commercial Account Manager Deborah.Windham@southgroup.net 662-226-1234 Grenada, MS Profile
Viveros Lauren Personal Account Manager Lauren.Viveros@southgroup.net 662-226-1234 Grenada, MS Profile
Stinson Jason Account Executive Jason.Stinson@southgroup.net 601-925-2200 Clinton, MS Profile
Frelix Patricia Commercial Account Manager Patricia.Frelix@southgroup.net 601-326-3328 Ridgeland, MS Profile
Little Brooke Account Manager Brooke.Little@southgroup.net 601-849-4310 Magee, MS Profile
Null Annielyn Commercial Account Manager Annielyn.Null@southgroup.net 601-326-5309 Ridgeland, MS Profile
Frazier Carzel Cyber Security Systems Analyst Carzel.Frazier@southgroup.net 601-326-5317 Ridgeland, MS Profile
Williamson Terry Chief Operating Officer Terry.Williamson@southgroup.net 601-326-5311 Ridgeland, MS Profile
Gambrell Angela Accounting Associate Angela.Gambrell@southgroup.net 601-326-5306 Ridgeland, MS Profile
Bailey Laurie Account Manager Laurie.Bailey@southgroup.net Ridgeland, MS Profile
Barrett Kent Employee Benefits Consultant Kent.Barrett@southgroup.net Ridgeland, MS Profile
Touchstone Bailey Receptionist Bailey.Touchstone@southgroup.net 601-649-4062 Laurel, MS Profile
Gunter Rhonda Personal Account Manager Rhonda.Gunter@southgroup.net 601-708-8650 Clinton, MS Profile
Meeks Brandon Personal Account Manager Brandon.Meeks@southgroup.net 601-977-0002 Ridgeland, MS Profile
Cockroft Sam Producer sam.cockroft@southgroup.net 601-977-0002 Ridgeland, MS Profile
Robinson Dena Personal Account Manager Dena.Robinson@southgroup.net 601-682-0415 Laurel, MS Profile
Mccoy Michelle CSR Michelle.Mccoy@southgroup.net 601-326-5319 Ridgeland, Ms Profile
Knight Michaela CSR Michaela.Knight@southgroup.net 601-682-0414 Laurel, MS Profile
Steele Summer Recptionist summer.steele@southgroup.net 601-545-1643 Hattiesburg, MS Profile

Southgroup Insurance Staff

At SouthGroup, we employ more than 150 staff members in all regions of Mississippi to better serve you. We offer the local knowledge, strategic expertise and personalized attention you require and deserve.

We strive to provide you with the advice and counsel required to meet and then exceed your insurance and risk management expectations. Find an agent near you and we look forward to hearing from you!

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