Flood Insurance

Flood insurance is vital to homeowners in Mississippi and throughout the Gulf Coast, yet homeowners' policies do not cover floods.

The federal government created the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) to protect homeowners throughout the country from floods.
We can help you take advantage of the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) and help you understand how it works.

Flood and Wind Exposures to Gulf Coast Homes

We serve hundreds of clients with homes all across the Gulf Coast. These homes are susceptible to wind and water damage, and we have a solid understanding of the risks you face and how to protect against them. We have access to specific wind coverage for hurricane risks and other specialty products you might need.

Experience the SouthGroup Difference

We work with clients of all types, established businesses, start-ups, young families, established families, retirees, and high net worth individuals.

Our statewide presence, local knowledge and superior expertise—along with our commitment to being your long-term trusted advisor—allow us to have access to insurance and risk management solutions from the ordinary to the unique. We can offer the coverage options you desire at the right price. Contact us to discuss your options!

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