SouthGroup Specializes in Coverage for High Net Worth Clients

SouthGroup Insurance Services provides specialized insurance products and services for high net worth individuals. By acting as your trusted advisor, we will help you identify, evaluate and manage the personal risks you face so you can properly protect your assets.

Most high net worth individuals are aware that their assets need special care and protection. But many people may be unaware of the additional risks they face as their net worth increases over time. As the value of your homes, cars, recreational toys and other assets grows, so does your exposure to various losses and the potential for being sued.

Property and Liability Coverage

Most homeowners policies will only allow maximum coverage limits of up to $1 or $2 million—at the most. Many will not even go that high. Specialized products for high net worth individuals allow for much higher limits and vastly greater protection. High net worth individuals also need special auto insurance programs that take into account the value of their vehicles, the number of their vehicles, whether or not vehicles are for personal use or collector cars, and other considerations. All of your vehicles can be accounted for under one insurance program.

High net worth programs also cover a wide range of other personal property, from valuable collections of jewelry, art, wine and antiques as well as other scheduled items. Again, high net worth programs offer coverage limits well outside the range of most standard policies.

Consider the other types of coverage that high net worth individuals might need:

  • Yachts, airplanes and aviation coverage
  • Kidnap and ransom protection
  • Employment practices and workers compensation for private staff
  • And more

High net worth individuals will likely also need excess liability—or umbrella—limits that exceed most standard policies. We can find excess liability coverage with the limits you need.

Put SouthGroup’s Expertise to Work for You

We have extensive knowledge and expertise working with wealthy individuals and families throughout Mississippi and surrounding states. With our unique Risk Management Approach, we employ advice, counsel and client advocacy first and foremost to ensure that all of our clients receive appropriate, customized risk solutions for the risks they face. We handle the needs of our high net worth clients with discretion, professionalism, and above all the experience and knowledge to offer you the best protection for your needs.

Are you a high net worth individual looking for specialized insurance protection? Contact us today for a personalized consultation.