Homeowners Need Identity Theft Coverage

According to the Bureau of Justice statistics, more than 8.6 million households in the United States experienced some form of identity theft in 2010. And that number continues to rise as hackers around the world break their way into bank, credit and other personal accounts. For this reason, we offer identity theft insurance as part of your comprehensive personal insurance package.

Understanding Identity Theft Insurance

Identity theft insurance cannot prevent hackers from obtaining your personal information. Identity theft insurance is like having a partner who can find out if you have been the victim of identity theft or fraud, and can take steps to remedy the situation, from contacting credit bureaus to helping you quickly replace stolen documents. Some identity theft insurers may also provide additional benefits like free credit monitoring and online data protection.

The greatest benefit of identity theft insurance is expense reimbursement that pays you for costs you incur while working to reclaim your identity and clear your records.

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