Washington & Hwy 82

About Our Greenwood Offices

Established In 1912 & 1914

Our Washington Street branch, formerly Warner Wells Insurance Agency, was founded in 1914.

This location has been an active part of the Greenwood community for almost a century by participating in Relay for Life for the American Cancer Society as well as the Greenwood-Leflore Chamber of Commerce.

Our Highway 82 branch, formerly Barry and Brewer, was founded in 1912. If you are a client of this location and need immediate assistance with after-hours claims, please contact Buddy White, 662-237-6261.

Both locations are involved in the insurance industry as a participating member of the Independent Insurance Agents of Mississippi.

While offering all lines of commercial insurance and personal insurance, we specialize in agribusiness and commercial surety.

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Greenwood Staff Directory

Last Name First Name Phone Location
White Buddy 662-453-7441 Greenwood
Dillon Deveda 662-453-7441 Greenwood
Singleton Mark 662-453-7441 Greenwood
Tindall Haley 662-453-7441 Greenwood
Daves Vicki 662-453-5631 Greenwood
Gammill Lisa 662-453-5631 Greenwood
Malone Dollinda 662-453-5631 Greenwood
Martin Russell 662-453-5631 Greenwood
Mitchell Rhonda 662-453-5631 Greenwood
Patterson, Jr. Bob 662-453-5631 Greenwood