Commercial Auto Insurance

Commercial Auto Insurance is essential whether you have a single work truck, a small fleet of delivery vehicles, or a large commercial fleet. We will take the time to identify and evaluate the risks you face, and provide a variety of solutions that work.

Essential to protect your business from unexpected expenses if you or your employees are involved in an accident.
A policy can provide you with coverage for expenses for claims related to emergency care and medical bills.
Auto Insurance can also cover property and vehicle damage, legal fees and gap coverage on financed and leased vehicles.

Commercial Auto Insurance for Mississippi Businesses

SouthGroup is here to help your business stay protected against any risks that might threaten its success. Our coverage is designed to protect your business’s reputation, wellbeing, financial stability, as well as the employees that support the business.

Our carriers and agents are trained experts in the risks and threats that businesses face. Our plans are strategically structured to cater to your company’s specific industry and day-to-day activities.

Experience The SouthGroup Difference

We work with clients of all types, established businesses, start-ups, young families, established families, retirees, and high net worth individuals.

Our statewide presence, local knowledge and superior expertise—along with our commitment to being your long-term trusted advisor—allow us to have access to insurance and risk management solutions from the ordinary to the unique. We can offer the coverage options you desire at the right price. Contact us to discuss your options!

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