Workers’ Compensation Protection for Your Mississippi Business

Most employers are required by statute to carry workers’ compensation coverage. Workers’ compensation provides coverage for medical bills and lost wages for employees due to work-related injuries and illnesses.

Controlling Your Workers’ Compensation Costs

Workers’ compensation is an essential form of protection for our clients’ business and their employees. While it can be one of a business’s most expensive insurance policies, it is also one of the most controllable of all insurance costs. Using the SouthGroup Risk Reduction System, we work with our clients on strategies to help them manage their workers’ compensation costs and experience modification factor by implementing policies and procedures to help protect employees from injury and minimize losses related to workers’ compensation claims.

We assist our clients with such cost reduction and experience modification management strategies as:

  • Utilization of a user-friendly claims management system
  • Creation of a return-to-work program to limit employee time away from work and reduce hidden costs
  • Implementation of safety meetings and other strategies to prevent incidents and reduce injuries
  • Timely management of claims and open reserves

Experience the SouthGroup Difference for Workers’ Compensation Insurance

SouthGroup has over 20 Certified Workers’ Compensation Advisors on staff and has extensive experience working with many businesses and industries. Our experience and expertise provides us a solid foundation on which to efficiently and effectively build unique plans to manage our client’s total cost of risk. Contact a local SouthGroup office for assistance with all your business insurance needs, including worker’s compensation.