Specialty Business Insurance in Mississippi

At SouthGroup, we design risk reduction plans and commercial insurance portfolios for businesses in a variety of industries.

Our Focus: Construction to Agribusiness to Environmental Insurance

Whether you are a construction business in need of completed operations insurance or a public entity seeking cyber liability or law enforcement liability coverage, we can help. We have extensive experience helping business owners in niche markets including:

  • Agribusiness and commercial farms: Our programs help farmers and agribusinesses assess risks and find solutions across all aspects of their business.
  • Construction: We offer protection to general and artisan contractors who work throughout Mississippi and the nation. In addition to providing liability and property insurance, we also offer surety bonding services.
  • Manufacturing: From workers compensation to unique product liability and product recall insurance, we understand the risks that manufacturers face on a daily basis.
  • Oil and Gas: We provide protection for drills, rigs, underground storage tanks or petroleum haulers, as well as help our clients identify the risks involved with their activities and those of their employees.
  • Public Entities: Municipalities, counties and other political subdivisions face the challenge of protecting themselves while they serve entire communities. We have helped public entities of varying sizes address their risks through tailored programs including pollution coverage, cyber liability and public officials liability.
  • Non-profit Business Insurance: Protect volunteers, board members, paid staff, and most of all, your mission, with a carefully designed non-profit risk management and insurance package.
  • Restaurant and Hospitality: Restaurants, bars, hotels and other service-oriented businesses have unique risks and require extensive loss control efforts in areas such as commercial property and legal liability, including liquor liability and employment practices liability.
  • Retail: We provide retailers, from clothing stores to pet shops, with the advice and tools they need to protect their inventory, their employees and their bottom line including flood insurance to commercial umbrella insurance and more.
  • Wholesale and Distribution: From plans to protect property during transport to coverage for equipment downtime and the cost of replacing broken machinery, we offer a unique set of solutions to protect wholesalers and distributors.

While this is only a sample of the types of businesses and industries that we serve, we can find and offer coverage for businesses in other niche markets with unique risks. Regardless of the type of business, we will work closely with our clients to understand their business and find the proper coverage.

Our Risk Management and Insurance Services

Our approach to our relationship with each client is simple:

  • Understand the business goals.
  • Analyze potential risks.
  • Work with our client to craft a customized risk management plan and comprehensive business insurance portfolio.

At SouthGroup, we provide our clients with personalized attention from a team of risk advisors trained in risk identification and risk reduction techniques. We are committed to continuously updating our knowledge and training, so that we can ensure that our offerings remain current.

Experience the SouthGroup Difference

Our risk advisors help assess our clients’ risk and create a business insurance portfolio that fits their specific needs. Contact a local SouthGroup office to experience our unique risk management approach.