4 Reasons to Choose a Local Independent Insurance Agent

The number of options available to you as you shop for insurance can be overwhelming. Which company has the best prices? Does that company have the policy I need? Is this policy right for my business or family? Should I just buy online or should I talk to someone first?

Our team at SouthGroup Insurance Services firmly believes you should talk to a knowledgeable agent before making any purchase. We also believe an independent agent, such as the ones found at our offices, are a better choice than those who work directly for one company. Why is that? We’ve got four reasons for you:

Reason #1: A local independent agent has local expertise. This expertise can be transferred into helping you find the insurance policies that you shouldn’t go without. Local agents live and work in your community, so they know the risks you are most likely to face. For instance, is your community situated in an area that is prone to flooding? Then you should definitely carry flood insurance. Is your bar located near a college or university? A tailored liquor liability policy is absolutely in order.

Reason #2: A local independent agent works for you. As we at SouthGroup Insurance like to say, an advocate comes with your policy. Independent agents are not employees of an insurance company. This means that once we’ve paired you with the company of your choosing, we are here to make sure your insurance experience meets your expectations. We will always put your needs and interests before those of the insurance company.

Reason #3: A local independent agent has access to dozens of insurance companies. Since we aren’t tied to a single company, we are able to contract with several companies in Mississippi and throughout the country to provide greater offerings at greater value. You can give us your information once and we can run it through many companies to get you several quotes that you can choose from.

Reason #4: A local independent agent costs you nothing. That’s right. You are not charged extra fees to get an advocate who works on your behalf. Agents are paid by the companies they partner with on a per-policy basis. So when you have billing concerns, claim issues or any questions that come up, you can turn to your agent without having to worry about a bill.

So what are you waiting for? Learn more about how one of our independent agents can become your advocate by contacting our agency. Or share your own reasons why you have decided to work with a local agent or why you’re considering working with one. We’d love to hear from you!